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Feng Shui helps us understand the energy of our surroundings. When the energy is in balance, it is said to be good Feng Shui and when it is out of balance, it is considered bad Feng Shui.

Whether in balance or out of balance, the energy or Chi remains -- it is not temporary or elusive. Feng Shui, translated as wind and water, helps you to modify the Chi of your environment to create balance. The energy of your space affects you 24 hours a day, every day. 

Today, Feng Shui has become engrained in our society. Its influence can be found in every environment -- from a city skyscraper to your home, your backyard, even your desk.   

Whether designing a new corporate headquarters, putting your house on the market or reorganizing your home garden, Feng Shui 24 can show you how to use the energy, or chi, of a space effectively to achieve goals and eliminate blocks to your success.

Our modern approach to this ancient art offers simple, workable solutions that will restructure your energetic support without restructuring your surroundings, or your budget.

On-site consultations are available throughout the Chicago area and northern Illinois. Remote services are offered nationwide. 

Let us help you see your environment in a whole new way. 

For business or home consultations, contact us at 630-215-5567, or via email at Feng Shui 24.
Bill Schwingel, President/Founder of Feng Shui 24
"Bill's immense compassion, integrity, dedication to excellence, and his ability to perceive the subtlest energy flows make him a remarkable practitioner. He has my highest recommendation"

-- Denise Linn, 
best-selling author of 
"Sacred Space"and "Feng Shui for the Soul."

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